Superintendent’s Message - February 9, 2017

Dear TRSU Families,

A number of you have raised concerns about the fact that our schools are in session today.  As many of you have noted with the exception of schools in the Windsor Central Supervisory Union, surrounding schools from other supervisory unions are closed today.

Please know I take the decision whether schools should be delayed or closed very seriously and I recognize several of you disagree with the decision I made today. During the winter I consult a number of weather reports for our region and when inclement weather is predicted I speak with Todd Parah, our Transportation Director for Andover, Cavendish and Chester and the Road Foremen from Ludlow and Mount Holly, Ron Tarbell and Jeff Teter, respectively.

The weather projection for today was that we would receive 4-8 inches of snow (light to heavy snowfall) with gusts of wind later this afternoon.  Certainly, when there is a prediction of freezing rain, sleet and ice build-up schools need to be delayed or closed.  However, when there is a prediction of 4-8 inches of snowfall that our road crews can keep up with so students and employees can arrive to and leave from school safely, then I think it is reasonable to keep school in session.

Some of you have expressed concern that the roads you traveled this morning weren't safe.  If that is the case in the future, then by all means turn around and go back home.  I certainly don't want anyone to travel to our schools with unsafe conditions.  Often that's a time when the snowplow just hasn't reached or returned to your area of town.  In the future, please wait until you do get plowed out or if you determine it's unsafe for the day, please keep your child or children home. Your child, your choice, and with inclement weather, know it will be considered an excused absence. If you do decide to keep your child or children home please call our schools and explain the reason for the absence is due to your concern with unsafe road conditions.


Meg Alison Powden