We welcome you to the inviting learning environments of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union Schools, including the Chester Andover Elementary School, the Cavendish Town Elementary School, the Mt. Holly School, the Ludlow Elementary School, Black River Union High School, and Green Mountain Union High School.  Together we are:

Partners in Learning 

These schools are great places to become lifelong learners! We strive for an educational experience that is inspiring, functional and durable.  Each building is filled with youngsters who care about each other and embrace new learning opportunities each day.  Parents support the schools though substantial volunteerism and a strong commitment to partnership with faculty on behalf of each individual student and the school community as a whole.  Staff members are friendly, creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated. Administrators focus on supporting excellence in teaching and learning. The School Boards help to support all of our efforts and truly value the importance of education for all children in our communities.  

TRSU Vision

We have a common vision of quality education endorsed by the staff, parents, administration, and the members Boards of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union:

The students and adults of the Two Rivers Supervisory Union will collaborate, think critically, acquire and apply knowledge and creatively solve problems.

To achieve this we:


    • Honor all learning attempts as opportunities for academic and personal growth.
    • Value our history and our community.
    • Teach and model empathy, compassion, responsibility and respect.
    • Provide meaningful feedback so all can achieve.  
    • Nurture a learning environment that enhances cognitive engagement.
    • Commit to multiple pathways so that learning is personalized and relevant.
    • Collaborate to assess the impact of our practices on learning.
    • Aspire to be citizens of a diverse democracy and a changing world.


The Two Rivers Supervisory Union Schools are dedicated to creating a positive and safe learning environment. We pledge to provide students with an exceptional education that, while recognizing their individuality, challenges all levels of learners with high academic standards. The interests of children are kept front and center.  We encourage family and community involvement as a means for developing citizens with an appreciation for diverse ideas. Together we empower students by fostering the academic, social and personal skills needed to prepare them for an increasingly complex society. With strong administrative leadership, a clear vision, and highly dedicated staff, we will nurture a respectful school community of healthy responsible lifelong learners.