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Online NWEA MAPS Tips for Proctors

posted May 6, 2015, 2:43 PM by Lauren Baker TR IT
Based on the status that the students are showing on the proctor screen, please choose one of the directions below to assist you in resuming the test(s):

In a test session the student status is 'Suspended' and you would like them to begin or resume a test.

To resume the student's test when stuck in 'Suspended':
1.    Select the student and from the Select Action menu choose Test Again.
2.    The student's status will change to Awaiting Student.
3.    The student can now log into the Lockdown Browser and be confirmed by the proctor as normal.
4.    When they are confirmed, the proctor will see a new window asking if they want to resume or start over.
A student was testing and an unexpected event happened on the workstation (power outage, Lockdown Browser crashed, etc.). Now the student's status is stuck as "Testing" and the student cannot log back into the test.
To resolve this issue:
1.    Select the student in the test session on the proctor computer.
2.    Choose Select Action... > Suspend and then OK to confirm that you would like to suspend the test.
3.    Select the student again in the test session.
4.    Choose Select Action... > Test Again to put the student back to Awaiting Student status.
5.    Have the student log back into the test session.
6.    Select the student again in the test session.
7.    Choose Select Action... > Confirm.
8.    At the Confirm Student screen, select Resume Test and then Submit.
9.    Student will be able to Start Test to resume testing.
Student stuck in 'confirmed' status on the proctor console:
1. Select the student.
2. Choose Do Not Confirm from the action drop down menu. This will change the student's status back to "Awaiting Student". 
3. The student can then log back into the test session and try again.